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The World Wide Web Consortium recommendations can be rather loaded and sometimes down right boring, however, it is full of great and wonderfully thought-out standards for the web. This project is an extension and promotion of the font-feature-settings css property, a low-level styling option. Since the property is in the Editor’s Draft and not a recognized recommendation there are few resources for students and educators. None of which bring relevant professionals opinions’ and insight about typography on the web next to the actual code. Through this website readers should understand the importance and growth of webfonts, make informed and detail oriented decisions about type on the web, and most importantly identify and implement OpenType features on the web.

If you have more experience and are advanced in preprocessed code please check out the less, scss and Stylus OpenType repo at It was made so that large amounts of OpenType css code could be applied with a single line of less or scss code. With the single line of code, once processed, it contains browser prefixes and other markup content. You can even use multiple OpenType values if you would like. I do not recommend a large amount on a single selector but it is certainly possible for a couple.

This project was created in Senior Seminar 1 at the University of Missouri - Saint Louis under the direction of Gretchen Schisla. A special thanks to Gretchen, Ben Kiel and Patrick McNeil for their continued support and help with this project. My presentation is also available at

TextMate, Fetch, Adobe Photoshop cs5 were used to create this project. The typefaces in it [the project] include Effra by Dalton Maag and Adobe Caslon Pro by Carol Twombly served on Typekit. Under the hood is html5, css3, php and JavaScript/jQuery.

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