Patrick McNeil is an author, developer and educator in St. Louis, Missouri. He runs Design Meltdown, a collection of his educational resources. The popular Web Designer’s Idea Books were written by McNeil as well as the Mobile Web Designer’s Idea Book.

Notable Projects

Mac or PC? Both, but mostly pc.

In your opinion, what is the best browser for web fonts? Chrome I guess. It is my preferred browser overall.

What makes you cringe when looking at type on the web? When designers apply drop shadows to small text (especially body text) and it is literally impossible to read on a pc.

What makes a great webfont worth purchasing? I have never purchased one. It would have to be awesome, most likely a nice set of varying weights.

Do you know what hinting is, if so, in your words what does hinting do? My understanding is that it is extra info built into the font to help it render properly.

How much coffee do you consume on a daily basis? At least 1 pot a day :)