Kirk Roberts is a web developer/designer and owner of Kirk Roberts Design in Jonesborough, TN.

Kirk Roberts Design

Mac or PC? Mac

In your opinion, what is the best browser for web fonts? Webkit & Chrome (with font-smoothing set in css)

What makes you cringe when looking at type on the web? Same as print type: when foot and inch marks are used instead of curly quotes; bad kerning.

What is one thing you would like other web and graphic designers to know about web fonts? It’s not a free ride: each weight/style you add increases the download size and rendering speed of your site. Use as few weights/styles as possible.

How are webfonts contributing to brand development on multi media devices? Now people are free to use a much wider range of poorly-advised/inappropriate fonts.

What makes a great webfont worth purchasing? Kerning and hinting.

Do you know what hinting is, if so, in your words what does hinting do? It improves the rendering at small sizes.

How much coffee do you consume on a daily basis? None.