Johnathan Zsittnik is currently an eCommerce Marketing Director at Monotype in Woburn, MA.

What makes unique compared to other hosting platforms? We position Web Fonts around our selection and technology. Our font selection is broader than that of any other service. But it is also an extremely high quality offering. It is also the only service currently offering Monotype typefaces featuring many of the most celebrated designs (Helvetica, Frutiger, Trade Gothic, Univers, Avenir, itc Franklin Gothic, itc Avant Garde Gothic, Gill Sans, etc.). Lastly, many of our typefaces have been hand hinted by our type experts. The technology we position our service around includes the aforementioned OpenType feature technology, SkyFonts which is used to administer desktop fonts to subscribers and dynamic subsetting which makes serving East Asian Web fonts possible.

With the emergence of services like SkyFonts, what were the factors leading to the decision of creating such a service? Has there been a significant spike in webfont sales? What has been the catalyst for services like these? SkyFonts is a technology rather than a service (though it was initially launched through a rental service). At its core, SkyFonts allows fonts to be temporarily installed and synchronized across workstations. This immediately provided an avenue to let customers try fonts before purchasing a license. This is a problem that has existed as long as desktop publishing has. Currently you can use the SkyFonts client with your Web Fonts subscription to try thousands of fonts for free for 5 minutes. You can also use SkyFonts to install mockup fonts or desktop fonts included with paid Web Fonts subscriptions. You can also use SkyFonts to install Google fonts: The tool makes font installation easy, and arguable “fun”. We’ve received tremendous feedback on the tool and know customers value our service because of the desktop font benefits that SkyFonts delivers. We are looking at various ways to further leverage the technology.

How much coffee do you consume on a daily basis? Too much. We’re headquartered around Boston where its hard to go 2 blocks without hitting 3 Dunkin Donuts.